Ebony & Ivory has always had a vision of providing a complete packaged service that will suit any race, age or colour. We believe every woman is unique in her own way and we are overcoming major barriers that are apparent within the industry to eliminate judgemental views that are put forward when working with different races, ages and colours.

Ebony & Ivory are a group of make-up and hairstylists that have been professionally trained by highly respected and well recognised beauty institutes. We use a wide range of cosmetics that include MAC, NARS, Bobbi Brown, Christian Dior, Chanel etc.

Ebony & Ivory have worked on numerous fashion and beauty shoots as well as major fashion events such as, London Fashion Catwalk Society, Notting Hill Festival Catwalk Launch, London Pakistan Fashion Week and The Asian Bridal Live Event.

Ebony & Ivory has a dream of providing a universal service to everyone and anyone.